Total Security

Taurum Trading ensures that all Sellers undergo an elaborate verification process. We have also developed product safety verification for a more reliable buying experience.

Professional Expertise

Whether you are buying or selling, Taurum Trading ensures you receive the correct product or are paid for your product. Connecting buyers and sellers through the portal ensures that everything is above board.

24/7 Quality Service

We continue to expand our services to assist small businesses in unlocking new opportunities. Taurum Trading is always available to help you with all your business needs.

Personal Service and a willingness to meet your requirements.

Taurum Trading is an experienced trading expert with warehouses located in China, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, faithfully serving its suppliers and customers. We are a consistent leader in the building materials industry in Central Asia.

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Set your goals in motion.

We maintain an extensive inventory at all of our locations for quick fulfillment
of orders. We have equipment and rolling stock to handle packing and delivery of large or delicate items. Not to mention our ability to handle your special fabrication needs within our onsite shops.

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