Taurum Trading is an industry leader that continues to grow and change with
the latest technology. At our warehouses, we house a large inventory of building supplies, ceramic tiles and construction materials exported from China. Continual upgrades and advanced companywide tracking set Taurum apart in our commitment to quality and satisfaction.

When you invest in our construction materials, you invest in the minds that design them and the hands that built them. Whether you’re a licensed general contractor with multiple projects underway or a doit-yourself homeowner looking for the best materials at the best prices, you’ll find what you need at Taurum Trading.

Taurum Trading is the best source of new and used construction equipment for sale. More new and used construction equipment added daily, including cranes, excavators, loaders, backhoes, dozers, compactors, graders, and skid steers.

When a vital machine breaks down on your jobsite, we know you often need to rent equipment in a hurry. In times like these, sometimes the tool you need to get the job done can’t be found in a box. With a quick phone call, our experienced rental team of well-trained equipment experts can save you time and money.

We offer a wide selection of late-model, low-hour construction equipment and will help you choose the right product and rental agreement to meet your project length and budget. By your side. When you need us. We’re your most valuable tool.

Offer our clients the most competitive pricing and on time delivery of commercial building products through our relationships with manufacturers.

Taurum Trading has made a lot of connections in the building industry. We know where to locate hard-to-find products such as custom-sized windows and doors, and can advise you on which exterior building supplies can reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on utility bills.


• Cut to non-standard dimensions
• Assembly of arch-top and other specialty packages
• Prepared for custom hardware installation
• Fire rated doors
• Prompt delivery of millwork


• Cut to non-standard dimensions on our high performance computer controlled cutting system
• Polishing and custom edgework
• Tabletops and mirrors to your specification
• Next day insulated glass service
• Quick delivery


Our specialized team takes care of the warehouse logistics in a professional manner, to satisfy customers’ needs. In addition to pure intermodal transportation, we take care of the logistics management of your international transportation, acting quickly, flexibly and reliably.